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Today RIGHTLEDER’s Honor Belongs to You


  With the warm sunshine in winter, the year of 2020 is coming as expected. Rightleder Environmental holds a New Year ceremony. “Work hard today, and expect tomorrow.” is the recognition and expectation of every RIGHTLEDER employee. Let’s look back the year of 2019, and starting the new year of 2020.

  In the past year, there are excellent teams growing rapidly, and we also have young faces that cut a striking figure. The new walks on the red carpet to show their vitality and express their blessings to the company in 2020. With the host’s impassioned opening, the new 2020 starts.

  Highlights of Shows RIGHTLEDER employees show their strengths.

  At the celebration that ring out the old and ring in the new, each department selected and presented wonderful shows, gorgeous lights, amazing music and melody, and creative programs, allowing everyone to enjoy a unique feast. These shows are great and exciting. The wonderful performance fully shows the spirit and style of RIGHTLEDER’s versatility and all-round development.

  Annual Commendation RIGHTLEDER’s employees deserve compliment

  Looking back at 2019, Rightleder Environmental has made drastically strategic adjustments, and we have upgraded three core areas. “Provide users with environmentally friendly solutions that are not only affordable but also desirable.” is still our goal. Mr. Su Zhanhua, CEO of Rightleder Environmental, together with the general managers of the branches, presented employees with outstanding awards, outstanding technical personnel awards, best progress awards, best manager awards, best newcomer awards, and outstanding teams. The presentation of awards are a recognition and compliment of the work achievements for all RIGHTLEDER employees over the past year, and it is our most powerful motivation in the future.

  Over the years, we have accumulated and worked together for 18 years. I believe that there are more 18 years waiting Rightleder Environmental to struggle and to enjoy fruits with the joint efforts of us. In 2020, let’s seize the day and live it to the full.


Today RIGHTLEDER’s Honor Belongs to You