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“Innovation·New Rightleder” - 2019 Annual Party of Rightleder·Environmental


  On February 12, 2019, the annual party of the Rightleder·Environmental was held as scheduled in the Shengjing Hall on the third floor of the Renaissance Hotel. The theme of this year's annual party is “Innovation· New Rightleder”, especially the families of outstanding employees and all the fellows of the Rightleder· Environmental Headquarters and branches were invited to participate in the feast, enjoying the laughter and painting the great prospect.

  Innovation·Brilliant programs

  At 13:30, the annual party of the Rightleder· Environmental officially began with the dance of "Two Gallants". The annual party was full of enthusiasm and different kinds of programs, such as Chinese Guzheng performance "Fishing Boat In The Evening", a lively and lovely children singing "Uncommon Words", a deep-loving poem reciting "My Rightleder", a humorous opusculum of "The Four Talents Dating Story", etc, one of which was brought by the Rightleder· Environmental senior executives, "Hot Dance Collaborate" was extremely exciting. During the live show, colleagues from the Seawater Desalination Division from Venezuela sent a chorus of "Legend of The Dragon", pushing the atmosphere of the scene to another climax. The audience were happy and proposed a toast.

  New Rightleder·Awards Ceremony

  Annual Party which was not only the reunion dinner for all the staff but also the feast of sharing the success. From 2002 to 2019, we are always on the way to struggle. Down-to-earth working is the style of Rightleder·Environmental, new altitude is the pursuit of Rightleder·Environmental development, every success is from the hard work of every employee, also from the highly efficient management of the senior executives, who guide the team to struggle. All the awards such as “Annual Top Seller”, “Annual Most Potential”, “Struggling Team”, “Taurus Team”, “Din Team”, “Golden Hero”, “A Song of Ice and Fire” and etc, which are not only the honors, but also highly recognized. By means of the awards, all the employee can make them as models and learn from them, we believe that there will be more and more excellent talents in Rightleder·Environmental.

  Spring is coming, everything becomes renewal. A wonderful annual party is the happy memories, the miniature of enterprise development, the inheritance of enterprise culture and sprite. Looking back to 2018, we all pooled our efforts, struggled and gained together; look into 2019, we have unity of objective and are full of confidence, we will create the new journey for Rightleder·Environmental by means of our own methods and wisdom!

“Innovation·New Rightleder” - 2019 Annual Party of Rightleder·Environmental