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How can DTRO membrane "rescue" garbage pollution and efficiently treat landfill leachate!


  What you can see on the roadside is not flowers and plants, but paper cigarette butts.

  What hangs on the branches is not the fruits but the plastic bags.

  It's not the fish that swim freely in the park lake, but the wrapping paper.

  All of the above are garbage, including the garbage in our life and industry. What we see with our own eyes is the headache of sanitation workers and garbage treatment plants every day.

  What is garbage pollution?

  It is these domestic wastes and industrial wastes that occupy the land, block the rivers and lakes, endanger the growth of crops and human health.

  Is garbage pollution harmful to water?

  Of course, it is harmful to water! In the process of massive accumulation or landfill, acid-base, toxic substances and wastewater containing mercury, lead and cadmium are produced. These wastewater will seep into the surface water or groundwater, causing black and odorous water body, and the drinking water will be harmed by the deterioration of water quality. At the same time, the bad dumping of garbage will pollute the river, which is a "public enemy" threatening the living environment for the nearby residents and crops.

  How to solve the harm caused by garbage stacking?

  It is very simple to use landfill leachate treatment equipment. For example, the landfill and incineration plant are mixed leachate, with high suspended solids in the influent and high concentrations of COD, ammonia nitrogen and other pollutants. The DTRO (disc tube reverse osmosis) technology is applied in the treatment equipment of lailailaide landfill leachate. The DTRO membrane is used to treat this kind of high difficulty wastewater. Compared with the coiled membrane, the flow channel is wider, and the surface design of the guide plate of the convex point membrane element makes the material liquid present turbulent state in the flow process, and enhances the anti pollution ability of the membrane element. This kind of independent filter membrane element design makes it possible to replace part of the DTRO membrane and guide plate according to the actual situation when the membrane is polluted. The design is reasonable, not to mention, it also helps enterprises to save costs.

  For this kind of equipment, the input cost becomes a problem. Most of them are worried about the high cost of investment and the need to hire professionals later. In fact, there is no need. The landfill leachate treatment equipment provided by letryder can be rented. It provides a set of solutions from five aspects of personnel, technology, management, process performance, maintenance and maintenance, and arranges professionals to carry out relevant management and operation work without worrying about investment risks.

  There is also good news that letryder is holding a promotion activity for landfill leachate treatment equipment, which includes many surprise discounts. Among them, customers who have successfully ordered 100 or more DTRO membranes in the whole year will enjoy the preferential activity of ordering more than 100 DTRO membranes instead of 10 DTRO membranes (the 10 DTRO membranes returned in the activity can offset the price of 10 DTRO membranes purchased in the next year). Still have medicament send Oh, want to know welcome to pay attention to our website.

How can DTRO membrane "rescue" garbage pollution and efficiently treat landfill leachate!