Rightleder's History

2002-2005+ Officially entered the civilian drinking water field, and developed rapidly in catering and drinking water field;
+ The first set of self-developed application-oriented system went into operation;
+ Independent business growth reached the provincial top 10 in manufacturing industry within three years;
+ Business covers seven major industries and four of which in leading position within three years.

+ Established the northeast experimental and manufacturing base, established the Shenyang marketing center;
+ The quantity of patented technology reached the provincial top 10 in the industry;
+ Focused on high-pressure boiler desalted water and EDI ultrapure water system, completed the first Euro-American level ultrapure water project in China.

2009-2010+ Created the first special technical project team, opened the era of independent research and innovation;
+ Self-developed RO high recovery technology and gained national patent & patent (membrane technology) pilot equipment & innovative biological membrane separation system;
+ Partner of Veolia in China;
+ CSM membrane technology application partner in China;
+ Introduced strategic technical cooperation shareholders;
+ LTLD-UPW new ultrapure water device test run successfully.

+ Set "environmental protection" as the core business;
+ Established two centers: the first membrane technical support service center and membrane separation technology application development center in Northeast China.

2012+ High recovery RO system and curve micro power membrane technology received excellent feedbacks, asset size and benefits increased 200%;
+ Established the Beijing branch and the national service business mode with Beijing as the center;
+ Established the international trade department to promote the process of acting on international connection, established the overseas business development trends;
+ Established two R&D centers: high-difficulty wastewater "zero discharge" R&D center and fluid separation technology R&D center respectively, launched "pilot test" program in 3 fields and four "lab test" plans;
+ Applied French ultrapure water technology to the electronics industry, created an industry precedent ;
+ Established independent pressure vessel manufacturing base;
+ Passed ISO14001, ISO9001 quality management system certification.

+ The number of innovation and patents reached up to 100 items; officially launched the patent integration and application plan;
+ China's first TFT grind wastewater delivered, created the first in the domestic industry;
+ The first set of new energy-saving full ion exchange system & phthalic anhydride wastewater "zero discharge" system & brine bleaching recovery system;
+ American ASTM electronic grade ultrapure water system successfully delivered.

2014+ Received the national special funds and technical supports, set up the first research room and experimental terminal, innovated the new mode of school-enterprise cooperation, cooperated with many "211" and "985" industrial universities to cultivate excellent industry talents;
+ Membrane element manufacturing plant officially put into production;
+ The first set of advanced oxidation of antibiotic wastewater drew the national attention, the first set high temperature and high salt wastewater treatment system entered the market.

+ Listed company clients cases exceeded 100 (Petrochina, BMW Brilliance, Coca-Cola, COFCO, Ansteel Group, General Motors, CSPC, Changyu, Shineway Group, Wahaha, etc);
+ Introduced partnership mode, "honeycomb" framework officially initiated;
+ Became a partner of many central enterprises, EPC project reaches 200 million yuan;
+ Passed the OHSAS18001 certification.

2016+ Passed the CE certification;
+ Overseas markets put into operation;
+ Separation technology broke through the limits of biotechnology once again;
+ 140 patents;
+ Japan, Germany mutual enterprise partner;
+ Four logistics centers established;
+ EL leasing model exceeded 3 million yuan.

+ Received the honor of "Liaoning Provincial Enterprise Technology Center";
+ Received the honor of "The Council Member of China Water Conservancy Association Desalination Branch";
+ Received the honor of "Enterprise of Service Center and Service Station of Innovation-driven Project of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences";
+ Successfully signed the first peracetic acid wastewater reuse project in the domestic beverage industry;
+ Successfully held the technical training for Venezuela technicians of the seawater desalination project;
+ Minister of Venezuela Ecology and Water Resources inspected the results of the desalination project.