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Near Zero Liquid Discharge Technology to Solve the Trouble of High Salt Wastewater in Coal Chemical


  In recent years, with the implementation of China's western development strategy, coal chemical industry has developed rapidly. But the coal chemical industry has the characteristics of large coal consumption, water consumption and sewage discharge, also the distribution of coal resources and water resources in China is contrary. Northwest China is rich in coal resources, most of which are arid areas and lack of water resources. Therefore, the over utilization and destruction of water resources is considered to be the most serious environmental problem faced by coal chemical industry.

  The high salt wastewater of coal chemical industry mainly comes from washing wastewater, drainage of circulating water system, drainage of desalted water system and concentrated water of reuse system in the process of gas purification. Therefore, in recent years, local governments have issued strict wastewater discharge standards to achieve the goal of "zero wastewater discharge", which has become the self demand and external requirement of the development of coal chemical industry.

  RIGHTLEDER adopt the near zero liquid discharge process to treat the high salt wastewater from coal chemical industry. The Neterfo ultimate separation system adopted in this process is also equipped with cross flow PON anti pollution technology, POM wide channel viaduct bypass technology and other technologies. The recovery rate of the system is greatly increased to more than 80%, breaking the limitation of the existing design recovery rate of 50%. The ultra-high recovery rate continuously concentrates the raw water and reduces the subsequent evaporation demand, RIGHTLEDER near zero liquid discharge process has the following advantages:

  1. During the implementation of the project, the manufacturing specifications of HJ / t270-2006 reverse osmosis water treatment device and JB / t2932-1999 technical conditions for manufacturing water treatment equipment are strictly observed.

  2. With customized, high-flux and pollution-resistant membrane module, the recovery rate of the system reaches 95%, and the residual concentrated water reaches nearly zero liquid discharge after evaporation, reaching the integrated wastewater discharge standard (GB8978-1996).

  3. Through the calculation and analysis of water quality, water quantity and investment operation, the recovery rate of the system is optimized to ensure that the water quality and quantity of the system meet the production demand. At the same time, the overall operation cost of the system is low and the investment income is considerable.

  The practice shows RIGHTLEDER near zero wastewater discharge technology has the advantages of reasonable process, stable operation, high integration, low investment and operation cost. The water treated by the system can be directly reused for the production water in the plant area, so as to improve the recycling utilization rate of water resources in the plant area, save the input of industrial water, save water resources, achieve the purpose of energy conservation and emission reduction, and have obvious economic, environmental and social benefits.

Near Zero Liquid Discharge Technology to Solve the Trouble of High Salt Wastewater in Coal Chemical