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Rightleder participated in drafting and formulating standard documents related to the quality of hem


  Lye impregnation and purification is the first step in the production of viscose fiber from hardwood or softwood. It is an important process in viscose production to dissolve hemicellulose in raw materials by chemical properties of lye to improve the content of methyl fiber in raw materials and play a role in purification.

  A Standard for hemicellulose products urgently needs to be developed since there is no unified standard.

  Hemicellulose is a high quality resource and a heterogeneous polymer composed of several different types of monosaccharides. It is an amorphous substance and can be used as surfactants in the daily chemical industry, such as thickeners, stabilizers, emulsifiers, film forming agents and so on. The advent of hemicellulose products has increased the raw material source of xylose industry, reduced the production cost and improved the core competitiveness. However, lack of unified standard and technical support for the product cause a large imbalance between the production and demands. Therefore, relevant standards urgently need to be formulated to regulate the market.

  Put the extraction of hemicellulose standard drafted on the agenda

  In view of this, the hemicellulose standard proposed by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association. Rightleder and other related companies jointly drafted the standard document of hemicellulose separation and extraction by lye impregnation method. The document specifies the requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marking and accompanying documents, packaging, transportation and storage methods of hemicellulose.

  Rightleder as a competitive company made suggestions on the hemicellulose standard

  As a global whole process solutions for fluid filtration and separation technology, RIGHTLEDER constantly examines its own positioning and advantages, and devote to customizing membrane material and membrane separation technology applications, including R&D and application, process design, system integration, project construction, operation and maintenance.

  The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, three major international system certifications and EU CE certification, and has the qualification of engineering design, general contracting of environmental protection engineering, municipal engineering construction general contracting qualification, mechanical & electrical installation engineering, also certification of national wading product sanitation license. Rightleder is the member of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery & Electronic Products, and has PEC foreign contractor qualification of Pakistan Engineering Commission. It is a global service provider in the fields of fluid filtration and separation technology. RIGHTLEDER has set up joint R&D centers and intelligent manufacturing plants all over the world (China, the United States, Germany, Singapore and Israel), refined the layout of the industrial chain, and its business covers more than 20 countries and regions around the world. The reason for RIGHTLEDER to participate in drafting the standard is its abundant strength.

  Standards will play a normative role after being published in the future

  It is believed that in the future, the standards related to hemicellulose extraction by lye impregnation method will play an important role in regulating and guiding the development of the industry after it is released, and will effectively improve product quality and create large economic benefits. Rightleder will also strictly implement the standards in the process of enterprise production and operation, and promote the high-quality and healthy development of the industry!



Serial No.

Standard Name

Implementation date


T/CPCIF 0151-2021

Coal syngas energy consumption per unit product quota



T/CPCIF 0152-2021

T/CRIAC 0069-2021

Chemical reagents, Road transport, Dangerous goods limited quantity and exceptional quantity and packaging requirements


T/CPCIF 0153-2021


Petrochemical Industry Industrial Internet Identification, Encoding Specification


T/CPCIF 0154-2021


Petrochemical Industry Industrial Internet Identification Parsing System Interface Specification


T/CPCIF 0155-2021

Technical specification for evaluation of green design products, Electrical and electronic adhesives


T/CPCIF 0156-2021

Technical specification for evaluation of green design products, Hygiene adhesives


T/CPCIF 0157-2021

High purity bromide


T/CPCIF 0158-2021



T/CPCIF 0159-2021

Compound potassium bisulfate for aquaculture


T/CPCIF 0160-2021

Determination of aminobenzene sulfonic acid in soil, HLPC 


T/CPCIF 0161-2021



T/CPCIF 0162-2021





Rightleder participated in drafting and formulating standard documents related to the quality of hem