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Rightleder·Environmental Attended “the Fifth China International CSP Station Conference & CSPPLAZA 2


  On June 20 to 22, 66 exhibitors including more than 80 domestic and foreign governments, magnates in various industries and over 800 representatives of the power generation industry gathered in Beijing International Hotel to attend “the Fifth China International CSP Station Conference & CSPPLAZA 2015 Annual Meeting”.

  With the steady progress of China’s solar thermal demonstration projects, the requirements for the downstream industries, especially the water treatment technologies in construction operation, and the high-speed development and technical difficulties of the implementation results have been increased. However, the two water treatment projects of solar thermal demonstration supported by RIGHTLEDER, the Aksay 50MW slotted fused salt photothermal power station project and the Dunhuang 100MW Turbine tower solar thermal power generation project, were displayed in this conference. These two projects brought some innovation for water treatment technologies, which attracted many people’s eyes. These new technologies included reflector washing water reuse system, industrial wastewater reuse system, rainwater collection and reuse system in rainy areas and industrial wastewater reuse system of patented extreme membrane separation technology.

  During the exhibition, many related companies and design institutes in the solar thermal power industry came to visit Rightleder·Environmental. They were interested in the innovative water treatment technology of Rightleder·Environmental and discussed about it with our representatives. They also provided constructive suggestions for the existing reflector washing water reuse technology. Rightleder·Environmental was invited to help customers to develop custom projects that are suitable for themselves.

  As Rightleder·Environmental had experiences in actual project and innovative technologies, so we own the right to speak the water treatment technology in solar thermal power industry, and we are willing to share the experiences and technologies on such an international platform. We will seek balance in common development and go towards to a new solar thermal power future!

Rightleder·Environmental Attended “the Fifth China International CSP Station Conference & CSPPLAZA 2