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Drinking Water System




  A water project for the commercial complex of Lanhaifeng in Xi’an

  Drinking water system of Rock InterContinental Lanzhou

01.Dipoter Water Plant System

  Top-level international safe drinking water operator Dipoter is the sub-brand of RIGHTLEDER, which has built the international integrated waterworks production line for more than ten years with originality. The annual production capacity of Dipoter system provided by Rightleder has exceeded 3 million tons; we have provided water treatment systems for Wudalianchi, Wahaha and many other well-known brands. According to different water sources, Dipoter can provide one-to-one program support, including water plant design, operation, brand development and a full set of operational solutions.

Unique advantage

  ● All-round professional services to create the overall operating solutions;

  ● High-quality multi-style water production, in line with different requirements of the public;

  ● BOO operation can be achieved to reduce investment, rest assured production;

  ● Comprehensive QS certification technical support, more quickly and worry-saving;

  ● Provide high-end brand development and operation, cooperation and other solutions.

The type of water produced

  ● Pure water;

  ● Mineral water;

  ● Packaged drinking water.


  Bottled pure water, bottled mineral water, bottled spring water, barreled purified water, barreled spring water (packaged drinking water)

02.Rural Healthy Drinking Water System

  RIGHTLEDER responds to the call of the state, always pay attention to the health problems of drinking water in rural areas. It can completely remove the harmful substances such as Fe, Mn, F, fungus, incrustation, etc, and thus improve the drinking water conditions and achieve safe drinking water.

Unique advantage

  ● 32 patented technologies;

  ● Remove 100% of the sediment, heavy metals in the water, safe and healthy;

  ● Efficient processing, can be drank directly;

  ● Standard operation, authoritative testing;

  ● Professional technical team to solve the problems for every household.


  High iron areas, high hardness areas, high fluorine areas, high manganese areas, and other poor water quality rural areas.

03.Catering Direct Drinking Water System

  RIGHTLEDER uses the most stable membrane technology to ensure that the product water is in line with international standards, and provides customers with both healthy and safety, and cost- saving solutions.

Unique advantage

  ● Improve the taste of dishes, more fresh and delicious;

  ● Independent design, no secondary pollution;

  ● High filter accuracy, absolute healthy and safe;

  ● Energy saving, reduce operating costs;

  ● Meet customer’s high-grade demand, more safe;

  ● Adopt double-pressure control system to ensure stable operation;

  ● Can be equipped with step heating system, full insulation, instant drink;

  ● Small footprint, space saving.


  Starred hotel, fast hotels, hotels, Chinese/Western restaurants, fast food restaurants, cafes, water bars, etc.

04.Field Operation Direct Drinking Water System

  RIGHTLEDER’s field operation direct drinking water system can solve the safe drinking water problems of field operations personnel (field troops, rescue troops, forest police, gold troops, exploration units, bridge engineering units, explorers, etc.) caused by environmental constraints, complex water quality, which can effectively prevent the depletion of numbers caused by drinking water, and ensure safe and healthy drinking water.

Unique advantage

  ● Easy to move and transport;

  ● Containerized design, more reasonable space utilization;

  ● Four-fold sterilization protection, safe and worry-saving;

  ● Multi-stage pre-treatment settings, applied to a wider range of water sources;

  ● IOS, Android mobile phone touch control, simple and convenient.


  Army field tour, flood fighting and rescue, flooding, field exploration, field construction, field exploration etc.

05.Enterprise Direct Drinking Water System

  RIGHTLEDER enterprise direct drinking water system has been at the forefront of the world, the self-developed drinking water equipment set is energy-saving, efficient, safe and healthy; fully meet the modern direct drinking water treatment design of environmental protection and provide customers with the most optimized water system solutions.

Unique advantage

  ● Reasonable layout, flexible placement, elegant appearance;

  ● Business intelligence management, efficient office, convenient and quick;

  ● Improve enterprise hardware facilities, enhance corporate image, improve employee benefits;

  ● Simulation of metabolism, overnight emptying technology, no dead water, water is pure and fresh;

  ● Adopt double-pressure control system to ensure stable operation of the system;

  ● Multi-level filtration, safe and healthy.


  Production workshops, office buildings, schools, hospitals, etc.



Drinking Water System

Top-level international safe drinking water operator Dipoter is the sub-brand of RIGHTLEDER, which has built the international integrated waterworks production line for more than ten years with originality.

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