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Arming Products with Programs, Practicing the Future


  In order to maximize the value of the product program department and promote the growth of innovative talents internal the company, we held the “Environmental ·Environmental Product Design Competition “on August 13th in Meeting Room 210. The competition invited the general managers of each branch to constitute the jury, who judged on the principles of just, fair and open.

  The theme of this product design competition was “Arming Products with Programs, Practicing the Future”, which provided a great opportunity for technicians to apply knowledge and practice. During the preparation time before the competition, the participating employees actively carried out the creation and improvement of the works, constantly optimizing and perfecting the design and research to present the best works.

  The competition adopted the hundred-mark system, and the evaluation items include “novelty, program highlights, data reflects program value, application rate of our own products, and focus on industry pain points”. In the hot atmosphere, we have set different bonuses from the first prize to sixth prize, and each work was closely related to environmental protection but had its own style and philosophy.

  The exciting time was coming, and finally the work of “Core Technology and Advantages of Delemil’s Membrane”, designed by Fentai, had won the first place in the competition with a score of 94.1.

  In the rapid development of the environmental protection industry, Environmental ·Environmental held the Product Design Competition, which has not only improved employees’ practical abilities and theoretical knowledge, but also increased the creativity and innovation ability. It has an important meaning for the development of Environmental ·Environmental. As the product design technicians, we must learn to integrate and solve the pain points of the industry, and develop new products according to customers’ needs. Through this competition, we are willing to inspire the potential of our staff, provide more advantageous product solutions for the company and sales staff, and contribute to the future development of Environmental ·Environmental.

Arming Products with Programs, Practicing the Future